Targimals, swords & shields spotted all over the world!

Early Forge of Honor fans are spreading the word about the Targimals and we’re seeing a rise in the number of heroes in training. Reports tell us Targimals are popping up around the world from California to New York and Australia to Germany, from babies to tweens, aunties and grandparents! We are thrilled that children (and their grown-ups and non-parents) are discovering what great fun it is to have a Targimal around the house — and how important it is to play with your kids!

Check out our special “Targimal Spottings” page to see where the next ones are landing and what our fans are saying about Forge of Honor. If you spotted a Targimal, submit your photo on the Targimal Spottings page to get it posted in our gallery (thank you for everyone who already submitted their photos — we love all of them!!). We thank you in advance for helping us keep track of these furry warriors and for spreading the word about their arrival on our planet!



Check out design details that make Forge of Honor toys unique

The Targimals began appearing in Colorado when a little girl had trouble going to sleep at night. She cried for help and they heard her call. And those of other children.

Details are important to Forge of Honor creator Dale Taylor.

Details are important to Forge of Honor creator Dale Taylor — even creating brochures to sell the toys!

Today, these fully trained, pint-sized warriors are back! Targimals have pledged to help our children grow in courage, honor and adventure. Their story (once creator Dale Taylor has time to write it all down) is fantastically detailed! Likewise, so are the plush tools the Targimals are bringing to the world as they make their way into the joyful hands of children whose parents also believed in imagination.

Check out the details in the Bordor Blade — from embroidery and fonts to the shape of the pommel.

Each Blade is unique to represent the Targimal and their elements. Water creatures (Sugarloaf and Aventail) have wavy blades. Poing, an Earth creature, has a sword that looks like it’s been carved from very hard rocks. Tang’s blade looks like a red flame. The Blades are also stitched quilted — for extra strength against scary — and packed with plush for a stiff though bendable blade.


Fonts, shapes & embroidery are unique

The “Forge of Honor” lettering is even unique to each creature. Notice the “F” for the water creatures looks like a happy dolphin. The handle tip, or pommel, also mimics the symbol bestowed on each Targimal to fully represent each natural element:

Design with purpose — details are important to us

The Bordor Shields continue to offer the details from the unique embroidery and fonts to the quilted fronts and backs. On the back of the shield, the “pillow” is in the same color as the main color in the front. And it’s got quite a bit of stuffing inside too to make sure it’s soft enough to sleep on because even heroes need rest.


Each Bordor Shield carries the Targimal’s key element into the patterns and embroidery. Even so, creatures of the same element still have a unique look when it comes to the extra design underneath the Forge of Honor logo. Take a closer look:

We can’t wait until families get their hands on these training toys. Oh wait, did I just give something away?

Introducing…. Patterrann, a new Targimal inspired by our supporters

PatterrannA funny thing happened during our Kickstarter campaign. Of course we were overjoyed by the number of new friends and fans we made who came to love the Targimals and Forge of Honor. And for fun, we upped the ante and offered color twists on some of the Targimals if we hit certain funding goals.

In the end, the color-swapped Targimals triumphed, but none more so than Sugarloaf’s double — a pink and purple Unicorn/Pegasus/Dolphin. She was so popular among pre-orders that we decided to add her permanently to the Targimal family.

And she got a real name: Patterrann.

Her name was inspired by Dale’s daughter (who also loves unicorns, flying horses and dolphins, plus the colors “pink, purple and shiny”). She often added extra syllables to certain words, like yogurt (“yo-gur-rhet”) and modern (“mod-err-inn”) and pattern (“patt-err-ann”). And you know how much Dale loves his daughter, not to mention that the now 6-year-old also had a small hand in designing the toys (a later story). So Patterrann it was.

If you want to read more about the story of the real Patterrann, visit the special Targimal pages at targimals.com.


Extra goodies for all who pre-order Forge of Honor toys

The promise of the Targimals

Click to enlarge

Now that we are 83 percent funded with 2 weeks to go, we feel we can be optimistic that YES, the Targimals, Bordor Blades & Shields are going to be made! (Of course, if you haven’t pre-ordered yours, CLICK HERE to do it now before the Kickstarter ship sails!)

We are grateful for the media coverage the project has received. The latest write-up came this morning, over at the Baby Bear Hugs blog. Mom blogger Brooke has a daughter who also is afraid of bedtime monsters. She writes: “I have never given money to any Kickstarter project before (I also have no gain for this project succeeding). I just think it is a really great idea and would love to get one for Baby Bear!” Read her post HERE.

Without further ado, a few goodies we’re planning because said Targimals, Bordor Blades & Shields are still scheduled for a January 2014 delivery. We want to keep the kids happy and occupied.

Our promise to parents and other gift-givers who are making pre-orders:

1. We will provide a custom photo of the Targimals photobombing your family. You provide a digital family photo and we will add images of your favorite Targimals to the photo and send it back to you.

2. We will send all Targimal backers a “Certificate of Approval” to show the kids that their home has been approved for Targimals and they will arrive once Targimal training sessions end. We can also customize these with the gift-giver’s name on request.

3. We will keep adding new coloring and activity pages that can be printed out on demand to keep the kids busy. And we would LOVE to also add any original pictures to our online gallery, which right now is populated with mostly Dale’s daughter’s drawings. Please check out the Activity Center here: www.forgeofhonor.com/art

We value each and every backer we have. Thank you so much for your early support!

Coming soon: How to distract your children until the Targimals arrive

Sneak peek at The Book: How Targimals find their human

As some of our friends and fans know, the genesis of Forge of Honor was bedtime stories creator Dale Taylor told to his daughter. Those remain mostly unwritten but contained inside Dale’s head. Yes, there are books in Forge of Honor’s future and hopefully, a successful Kickstarter campaign means we can proceed.

Dale and his daughter have worked for months (not full-time, of course) on the story and rhyme of a children’s picture book. He’s also toying with a graphic novel (but would probably need to raise funds for this as well). And he’d love to write a tween or young-adult chapter book delving into the stories of individuals and their Targimals.

Today, he finally spills some of the secrets of how the Targimals came to be.

These pint-sized warriors may be a little cheeky but they have pledged to protect children from monsters. But how, exactly, does a child and Targimal find one another? Dale sketched it out to show everybody what he’s been thinking about:


Meet the Targimals!

Hi, I'm Tang!As you know, the Targimals arrived a few weeks ago and we’ve been getting to know them.

Creator Dale Taylor knows them best, of course. Plus, he can understand their strange high-pitched squeaks. But he’s too busy working on the Forge of Honor launch to properly introduce the crew. So, I, Lady Boudica, the official scribe, have stepped in to offer you a glimpse into what these mysterious creatures are like.

They are cute and pretty cheeky, especially when there are no monsters around. And so entertaining! We’ve already played a few rounds of hide-and-seek, and they are definitely good at hiding (as well as good at hiding all sorts of things, like my keys!). More details of their origin and how they managed to show up in Dale’s head on the way. (And don’t forget to sign up to be reminded when we launch!)

Without further ado, here are the Targimals:

Meet the Targimals: Toys with personality and purpose!