Pre-launching the store exclusively to our KS supporters


Today, we are opening the Forge of Honor store, at shop.forgeofhonor.comexclusively to our Kickstarter supporters. We hope you’ll poke around, kick the tires and let us know if anything is amiss. Please excuse any technical issues. Just refresh the page if you run into an error or please tell us of any difficulties. We can also walk you through the process by email or phone. Just let us know.

More importantly, we have set up accounts for all of you and filled your shopping cart with the toys you selected last fall in our survey. If you didn’t select your toys, the applicable pledge will be in your cart but you will need to choose specific toys.


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And we’ve added a store credit to cover the order plus $5 flat-rate shipping. You won’t need to use a credit card, unless you plan on buying additional items.

We’ve even created a special page for you: — look for the “Kickstarters” link at the bottom left corner of the home (see image on right). You will ONLY SEE the special prices and limited-items (color swaps/Black Knight) if you are logged in. You can order these special items now, but they won’t be available to ship for several months. If you prefer to get the toys ASAP, don’t pick a color swap or Black Knight. We are still developing the Black Knight.

We will send login information (with your user names and password) to the email you provide us via the Kickstarter survey.  If you don’t know what that is, please log into your Kickstarter account and you should see an alert to fill out the survey. You can also email us and we’ll verify your status.


1. Log in with your Forge of Honor store user name and password (if the password doesn’t work, select “Forgot your Password?”)

2. Go to your account and fill in your shipping address.

3. At the top of the page, select “My Cartto see what your toy order. If you want to change your toys to other characters or colors, select “Edit” and a window will pop up with available options. Please NOTE: We have preloaded your cart with your pledge level, if you ordered a set. The below image shows “Kickstarter Earliest Bird $58 set.” Don’t delete the set or we will have to re-add it to your cart. A set looks like this:


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4. If you want to add additional toys at special Kickstarter-supporter-only prices, now is the time.  We are offering the same discounts on additional items that we offered during Kickstarter. These limited-time discounts will end one month after the toys officially start shipping. These prices are ONLY available to our Kickstarter supporters.

5. Go to checkout (select green “Proceed to Checkout” button or click the “Checkout” button at the top of the page).  You’ll see a store credit that should cover your Kickstarter order and $5 shipping. If you added more toys to your shopping cart, you will need to use your credit card to cover additional items.

Make sure these are filled out:

  • Your address
  • Select flat-rate shipping (covered by your store credit). Are you an international customer? Select the UPS Worldwide Saver shipping for $0 (We are not using UPS — this is our workaround so international Kickstarter supporters don’t pay extra on shipping). We have credited everyone’s account with enough funds to cover shipping.

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  • Payment information (use your store credit or add a credit card if you added additional items to your cart). If you aren’t buying any extra toys, you do not need to use a credit card. If the store asks for a credit card, something is wrong. Just let us know.

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  • Some who ordered the Black Knight or color-swaps asked to delay your order until everything is available, even if those items won’t be delivered for months. Please respond to the “DELAY SHIPPING” question on your preference. Otherwise, we will ship what is available now, the rest later — at no extra shipping cost to you.
  • Sign up for our newsletter to learn about Forge of Honor’s news and specials.
  • Read and check the “Terms & Conditions”
  • All set? Click the green button “Place Order Now”

You’ll see a page confirming your order and you’ll receive an email. If something went wrong, you can refresh and try again, but please let us know! Send us a message by using the contact box on the right of this page.

Now that you have an account at our store, you’ll be able to log in and check the status of your order. Keep in mind, shipments won’t begin until late April 2014, at the earliest.  At any time, you can order more toys but the discounted Kickstarter specials will be ending one month after we begin shipping to customers. 

We thank each and everyone of you for helping us get this far. You are supporting a genuine family-run startup that has a long ways to go. We appreciate your continued support.