Let the Targimals photobomb your family!


targimal-productgridThe Targimals are really taking their sweet old time to get here, so they won’t arrive by the holidays. But they still want to be part of your special celebration this season.

Send us a favorite family photo and our artist will add a few Targimals to the picture. This is a special offer to all of our Kickstarter supporters who ordered a toy during our campaign.

Please attach a jpeg image of your family in the message area below. If you have a special request for certain Targimals, please indicate which Targimals you’d prefer in the form on the right. At this time, we can only do up to two Targimals per photo. Also, tell us your Kickstarter name because this is a freebie to all our Kickstarter supporters who pledged at the Targimal level or higher.

After you submitted a fun photo (of your children, your dog, your grandparents, your favorite chair…), then go visit our new Targimal Spottings Photo Gallery:



We just launched a kid-friendly Targimal sighting page  where kids can see a gallery of photos.  This is hosted at our new kids’ activity site, Targimals.com. Take a peek, there are several new activity pages available as free downloads.

Thanks for your support and bombs away!