Play with your children — they will love you for it

Forge of Honor Toys & Tales for Budding Heroes


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Play with your children

Forge of Honor toys encourage imaginative and family play
Now available for the holidays

Forge of Honor plush swords, shields and Targimals are available for holiday 2014.

Forge of Honor plush swords, shields and Targimals are available for holiday 2014.

Centennial, CO, August 18, 2014– Reports of parents playing with their children have increased tremendously since the debut of Forge of Honor Toys. This novel line of plush Bordor Blades, Shields and furry warriors called the Targimals are encouraging good, old-fashioned family fun.

“We love our Bordor Blades and Shields! We had fun practicing slaying ghouls and monsters tonight and our budding heroes went to bed feeling very brave and very happy,” says Elsabiet Kuhn, mother of two boys who also got sets for her and her husband.

The plush toys are based on “The Legend of the Targimals,” a newly discovered tale (book coming soon!) about pint-sized warriors who play with children during the day and battle monsters at night. Young children are born with incredible imaginations and believe in the wonderful, and the sometimes fearsome. Forge of Honor Toys, itself sparked by a child’s imagination, wants to encourage that sense of pretend play and equip children with the tools to gain confidence, courage and honor.

Forge of Honor founder Dale Taylor created the toy line because he believes in the power of play, the influence of family and the need for honor in every generation. With children spending too much time on devices that go beep, Taylor wanted to build on a child’s intrinsic imagination and help her or him create new stories of their own.

The premium toys for boys and girls are built for play and constructed for durability. A surprising amount of detail and materials was put into the design and purpose of each piece:

  • Targimals are made of different mixes of animals. Each has its own personality and story, and fits on a shield 2 ways – facing forward during play, and on the back, to watch over the sleeping child
  • Bordor Blades are unique – from the brilliant colors to their blade shape, embroidery and pommel. Swords have 4-times the stuffing, 4-times the stitching and twice the fabric of ordinary stuffed toys.
  • Bordor Shields also take design cues from their Targimals and include unique embroidery and logos. They double as a pillow for naps and sleepovers.

Forge of Honor Toys are now on sale and sold as a set or separately at Images and more information is at Dale Taylor is also working on a book, “The Legend of the Targimals.”

Bordor Blades are unique plush swords from the pommel to the tip and everything in between.

Headquartered in Colorado, Forge of Honor is a new toy maker striving to make incredibly unique toys that encourage children to pursue creative play, courage and honor. We are parents who believe if you play with your children, they will love you for it. For more information on the family run company, please visit ForgeOfHonor.


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Each Blade is unique — from tip to pommel!


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