Kickstart a child’s imagination: New toys encourage creativity and play

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Kickstart a child’s imagination: New toys encourage creativity and play


Poing in Battle Mode (prototype) Right click image to download.


Poing in Pillow Mode (prototype) Right click image to download.

Finally, a sword and shield strong enough to fight monsters, but safe and soft enough for sleeping

Centennial, CO, June 2013:  Watch out bedroom monsters! There’s a new toy to help children overcome their fears and stand up to imaginary mayhem. Forge of Honor, which debuted on Kickstarter (at, offers an inventive line of plush toys that combine play, imagination and fun!

Welcome to the world of the Targimals™, the legendary pint-sized warriors who live to protect children against bedtime monsters and other scary creatures. Combined with the Bordor Blades™ and Bordor Shields™, these soft and cuddly toys stoke imagination, encourage play and instill more courage than any nightlight could. The Targimals are friendly little characters who watch out for monsters and offer guidance in conquering fear. They’re not going to do homework or get kids to eat their vegetables. Their Honor Code is not to interfere with ordinary life but to protect against trespassing monsters and other unworldly fears.

“I imagined the Targimals came to me while I was pondering how to help my daughter quash her fear of imaginary bedtime monsters,” said creator Dale Taylor. “But I was reminded about the importance of imagination and pretend play. Childhood imagination is so precious, we need to encourage it.”

The stuffed toys have no hard edges and are designed for children ages 3 and up. The Targimal attaches to the shield two ways. Facing forward and ready for battle, or in “pillow mode” so the Targimal watches over the resting child – and lets parents sleep peacefully at night. “We look forward to finally keeping our kids in their beds at night reclaiming ours!” said early supporter Elsabiet Araya Kuhn, a mother of two boys.

The toys are available to order on Kickstarter, the leading crowd-funding site where inventors and artists are turning ideas into reality.  Forge of Honor is rewarding supporters with complete sets of Targimals, swords and shields, plus several early-bird goodies. Visit the page at For images, please visit

Headquartered in Centennial, CO, Forge of Honor is a creation of Dale Taylor, a sixth-generation Texan. Dale spent his childhood reading and doodling and earned a BFA at the University of Texas, Arlington. He worked as a designer and cartoonist at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and as a web designer at He spent the past decade developing toys and games for the pet industry and is now venturing into a new but similar realm with Forge of Honor. Dale lives outside of Denver with his wife and young daughter.