Crowdfunding, Kickstarter and how to help your favorite start-up

fund-us-coming-soonThere’s a new way for inventors, start-ups and entrepreneurs to get a new business or product kickstarted. It’s called crowdfunding. Essentially, you ask strangers for money. And you ask friends and family to spread the word. And for money.

In exchange, the startup offers a variety of usually fun rewards and often, the product itself.



Kickstarter and Indiegogo are two of the most well known crowdfunding sites. But Kickstarter, by far, is the most successful. Since it launched in 2009, Kickstarter has helped crowdfunders raise a half billion dollars! The site was the funding tool several video game companies used to raise millions of dollars to produce a game for its fans. The film industry is a heavy user of crowdfunding, helping independent filmmakers raise funds to complete a film. Of course, that hasn’t stopped celebrities like actors Zach Braff and Melissa Joan Hart from using Kickstarter (one succeeded, the other failed so even celebrity isn’t a sure thing).

The idea of launching on Kickstarter has been on our minds from the start. Yes, founder Dale Taylor, has an extensive background in product design, development and bring toys to market. But he’s never done it on his own. This is his first startup, making a funding opportunity like Kickstarter ideal. Another reason why we’re interested in Kickstarter is that Amazon handles the payments. Amazon users can easily log into their account to help out.

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For fans and friends who want to support Dale and Forge of Honor, just sign up on our mailing list (on top right) to get notified about when the campaign actually begins. We set a financial go and then launch. From there, you’ll have to register with the crowdfunding site and pick what rewards you want (we’ll likely have every set of Targimal, Bordor Blade and Shield available). If we hit our goal, we get the money. If not, we don’t. That’s why we’ll need your help to spread the word to your own friends and strangers who are actually interested in toys aimed at instilling character, honor and courage back into child’s play.

We will update this page with tips and news as the campaign proceeds.

Thanks for your support!

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