A young hero and his fight against Leukemia


Graydon and Tang = Friends Forever!

We love hearing stories from our fans about the first time they get to see, touch and play with the Targimals. We’ve got a whole gallery of photos and comments over on our Targimal Spottings page. But we couldn’t help but share this touching story of young Graydon, who is fighting Leukemia in New Zealand.

We found out about Graydon while we were shipping out Kickstarter orders this spring. We spotted a gift message from a father to his son: “A little warrior to help in the fight against leukemia.”

Tang and his Bordor Blade and Bordor Shield (the human tools to fight the bad stuff) finally arrived at young Graydon’s home last week. Tang is our little dragon who is part Gila Monster and part Guinea Pig. He’s friendly, but fierce when fighting monsters because he’s very protective of his friends. (Read more about Tang HERE) And Tang was ready to count Graydon as his friend. As you can see, the two have become very close.

Tang’s arrival couldn’t have been at a better time. His father John Barstow wrote to us and shared pictures. John writes:

Our kickstarter package arrived just before our latest trip to the cancer ward (Graydon has leukemia). I was able to get a few pictures during the trip. As you can see it made his day.”

Thank you John for sharing Graydon’s story.

The family is raising funds for Graydon’s medical expenses over on GiveALittle.com and the Child Cancer Foundation. If you feel moved to help this courageous young kid, visit his fundraising page at www.givealittle.co.nz/cause/graydonfightscancer.

givealittleGraydon, 2, has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, and his family are raising funds to support the family and, when treatment is over, a visit to America to visit family that his parents have not seen in over 13 years and have never met their grandchildren in person.

Money is tight at the best of times, but when a family is battling cancer, funds can disappear so quickly! Daily life becomes a struggle, and forget saving up the 10+k for a flight to see family in America. Graydon’s parents don’t regret becoming Kiwi’s, but they dearly miss their families, who cannot fly to us due to health issues.

We are wishing this little warrior a swift victory, please support him if you can.