Shipping begins! Celebrate Launch Week with Forge of Honor!


It’s been a big week for us here at Forge of Honor.

The toys have finally arrived at our (temporary) warehouse and shipping has begun! We survived our first trade show (see the photos)! And it’s Memorial Day weekend! (Go Heroes!) We are ready to celebrate!!!! And we’d like you to join us with this kick-off special of 10 percent off your entire purchase*.

Just use this code at checkout: honorforall14  at our toy store:

And Toy News (“Breaking news from the UK and International Toy Industry“) just wrote about us: “Kickstarter Success: Forge of Honor starts shipping

Box of Ricasso's

Box of Ricasso’s? Yes, we’ll sell you an entire box!

Dale is heading out to the warehouse this weekend¬†to help ship the packages first to our Kickstarter supporters, of course. (He returned home from Comic Con for his daughter’s last day in kindergarten).

Meanwhile, our wonderfully-efficient head of operations, Melissa, is packing up the first orders all by herself. See Ricasso all snuggled in his poly-vinyl envelope? Goodie bags too!

We will post more shipping photos over this next week.

Thank you to everyone who got us to this point. Thank you heroes everywhere, past, present and future.

Please share our excitement and this limited-time sale with your friends, acquaintances, strangers…!

Some early pictures of the packing process:


*Discount not available on limited-time Kickstarter prices or gift cards