Introducing the 2014 Forge of Honor Toy Catalog

foh-catalogimageNow that the toys are made and we’re arranging to ship our first orders, Forge of Honor creator Dale Taylor is working on this whole sales thing.

And who better to design a sales catalog? None other than the creator himself. Dale, who spent part of his career as a professional designer (for newspapers, websites, advertising and marketing…), enjoyed putting these pages together to showcase the company’s toys. We’ve ordered a bunch and plan to share them with every toy store we AND YOU know.

Below is a flip-page PDF of the new catalog. If you are a retailer interested in finding out more, please fill out your mailing address below and we’ll send you one.

Or, if you’re just an honorable, gracious and terrific person who buys toys for yourself or children you know, then please share the catalog with your favorite toy store. You can also enlarge or download this catalog. If you want a closer look, check it out here:


Please fill out the form below and we’ll snail-mail you a catalog:

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