Forge of Honor’s Toy Store now Open!

MainBanner1Greetings Heroes!

After several months of development and preparation, we are proud to unveil our new toy store where Forge of Honor fans and friends can buy Targimals, Bordor Blades, Bordor Shields and other goodies.

We’ve processed hundreds of pre-orders already (thank you again Kickstarters!) to make sure the shopping experience makes sense and works. We start shipping the toys to customers in May! And we’ve loaded the store with complete sets of Bordor Blades, Bordor Shields and the Targimals. In fact, there may be a new face you don’t recognize.

Can’t wait? Here’s the link:

==> <==

Some of what you’ll see in the store:

Seven Targimals are available! (Pictured from left to right: Sugarloaf, Ricasso, Patterrann, Quillon, Poing, Tang and Aventail.) Read up on these pint-sized warriors: “Meet the Targimals


Each Bordor Blade is unique with its own markings, blade shape and pommel. Read more: “Design Details Make Forge of Honor Toys Unique


Bordor Shields come in six colors to match their Targimals. But you can mix and match and create your own unique, powerful set. Shields have extra padding on the back and turn into pillows, when necessary.

Visit the store and let us know what you think.


Do you have a favorite local toy store?

We would love to get our toys into stores where you love to shop. Help us spread the word to your neighborhood toy store. Tell them about us or send us their snail-mail address and we’ll send them a special Forge of Honor introductory kit.

Or are you an independent retailer? We’ve got a wholesale site too! We want to work with independent toy stores, hobby shops and gift retailers who want something unique for their stores. Register online at our wholesale store to get access to wholesale prices:

Or send us your mailing address via  an email and we’ll ship you a special introductory kit.

Thanks for supporting a family-owned, completely independent, totally innovative and heroic toymaker!



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