Check out design details that make Forge of Honor toys unique

The Targimals began appearing in Colorado when a little girl had trouble going to sleep at night. She cried for help and they heard her call. And those of other children.

Details are important to Forge of Honor creator Dale Taylor.

Details are important to Forge of Honor creator Dale Taylor — even creating brochures to sell the toys!

Today, these fully trained, pint-sized warriors are back! Targimals have pledged to help our children grow in courage, honor and adventure. Their story (once creator Dale Taylor has time to write it all down) is fantastically detailed! Likewise, so are the plush tools the Targimals are bringing to the world as they make their way into the joyful hands of children whose parents also believed in imagination.

Check out the details in the Bordor Blade — from embroidery and fonts to the shape of the pommel.

Each Blade is unique to represent the Targimal and their elements. Water creatures (Sugarloaf and Aventail) have wavy blades. Poing, an Earth creature, has a sword that looks like it’s been carved from very hard rocks. Tang’s blade looks like a red flame. The Blades are also stitched quilted — for extra strength against scary — and packed with plush for a stiff though bendable blade.


Fonts, shapes & embroidery are unique

The “Forge of Honor” lettering is even unique to each creature. Notice the “F” for the water creatures looks like a happy dolphin. The handle tip, or pommel, also mimics the symbol bestowed on each Targimal to fully represent each natural element:

Design with purpose — details are important to us

The Bordor Shields continue to offer the details from the unique embroidery and fonts to the quilted fronts and backs. On the back of the shield, the “pillow” is in the same color as the main color in the front. And it’s got quite a bit of stuffing inside too to make sure it’s soft enough to sleep on because even heroes need rest.


Each Bordor Shield carries the Targimal’s key element into the patterns and embroidery. Even so, creatures of the same element still have a unique look when it comes to the extra design underneath the Forge of Honor logo. Take a closer look:

We can’t wait until families get their hands on these training toys. Oh wait, did I just give something away?


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