Limited-edition, hand-pulled silk-screened prints coming soon!


Silk-screen Forge of Honor print in “Speedball Gold”

At some point in our crowdfunding campaign to help us decide whether to pursue making Forge of Honor toys, creator Dale Taylor was overwhelmed by the support of friends, family and strangers. Oh so many strangers! He was moved to add a very special bonus at every support level: A limited-edition, hand-pulled, silk-screened print of Forge of Honor.

Now that we’re nearing toy delivery day, it was time to head to our local favorite DIY shop Ink Lounge here in Denver and do the work.

Have you ever silk-screened? It’s quite a process. If you happen to have a fantastic facility in your town like Ink Lounge, they provide all the equipment and you just rent open studio time and bring supplies (or buy them from owner).  It took all day, but we are now done! All of our Kickstarter supporters will get this limited, signed print with its exclusive Kickstarter touch. We did a second non-Kickstarter edition that we will offer publicly to everyone else — until they sell out! Once gone, that’s it!

While each print is “the same,” it’s really not, depending on how hard Dale pressed on the ink squeegee. Or how much “Speedball Gold” ink was on the screen. Little nuances like that add what we like to call charm!

Here are some photos from our day silk screening:






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