Introducing…. Patterrann, a new Targimal inspired by our supporters

PatterrannA funny thing happened during our Kickstarter campaign. Of course we were overjoyed by the number of new friends and fans we made who came to love the Targimals and Forge of Honor. And for fun, we upped the ante and offered color twists on some of the Targimals if we hit certain funding goals.

In the end, the color-swapped Targimals triumphed, but none more so than Sugarloaf’s double — a pink and purple Unicorn/Pegasus/Dolphin. She was so popular among pre-orders that we decided to add her permanently to the Targimal family.

And she got a real name: Patterrann.

Her name was inspired by Dale’s daughter (who also loves unicorns, flying horses and dolphins, plus the colors “pink, purple and shiny”). She often added extra syllables to certain words, like yogurt (“yo-gur-rhet”) and modern (“mod-err-inn”) and pattern (“patt-err-ann”). And you know how much Dale loves his daughter, not to mention that the now 6-year-old also had a small hand in designing the toys (a later story). So Patterrann it was.

If you want to read more about the story of the real Patterrann, visit the special Targimal pages at



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