Introducing a new site for kids:



Let’s Play!

Hello everyone!

With a good portion of the U.S. shivering in an Arctic freeze, we here at Forge of Honor thought this is a good time to unveil the new site.

tang289It’s a place for children to learn more about the Targimals and the story. Plus, we’re adding new activity pages each week. Crossword puzzles, DIY bookmarks, coloring pages — all for free. And created with love by the Forge of Honor helpers.

And don’t keep it to yourself. Tell your friends! Tell the neighbor kid who’s sitting indoors bored out of their playroom.

We’d also love to hear from you about what sort of activities you would like to see. Just send us an email or fill out the form below. If we use your idea, we’ll give you credit and a special mention in the Forge of Honor fan club.

Thanks for visiting Forge of Honor!

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