Big ‘THANK YOU’ to all our backers and supporters, from our extended family to yours! What separates a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign from all others, is the community of backers ready to risk not only their hard-earned dollars, but their free time to see a project succeed.

For those brand new to Kickstarter who chose us as your first project — THANK YOU! We know the site is not that user-friendly at first!

For the community of Kickstarter veterans — THANK YOU! We could not have done this without your extended campaign support.

And, fear not, new friends! This is not the end of a campaign, but the beginning of the story! Forge of Honor will become a reality because of you! We want to keep our community together on as we continue to grow.

Volunteer Campaign Support (People we never knew until they became backers and vocal supporters): Axisor, HoodedRats, Ghoul, Paul Cook, Abi Crouch, Christina, and many more. We really could not have done it without you (extra thanks to Axisor & HoodedRats for early campaign advice)!

Volunteer Supporters (Friends and family who stepped up to help & support without us asking!): Analisa, Natalie, Elsa, April, Susan, Greg T., Chris, Greg K., Melissa, Brian, Casey, Rosemary, Sherry, Diana, Gary, Wai-Mun, the Gohs, the Chuangs, the Taylors, the Templin family, the Milk family …

Video help:

Elevator scene: Alix, Brian. Videographer: Rob

Fireplace scene: Brian, Melissa, Blake and Luke. Videographer: Mr. Tripod

Lab scenes: Curtis, Shem and Dagny. Videographer: Curtis

Monster scenes: Chris and Greg, their sons Blake and Luke. Neighborhood friends: Evie and Claire. Videographer: Kenn

Financial support prior and during the launch: Parents!

Online resources of immense value: Adam Clark’s & Jamey Stegmaier’s Kickstarter tutorials

Twitter Brigade w/ multiple tweets: @redpawn3, @tgn_news, @patrussellbooks, @EuroGamerGirl @ChristinaSng @ayvalentine @figur8 @melanieps @chrisfarnsworth @BrianFargo @Axisor @rachelcericola @megafounder_go  @nerdywithkids  @djgrandpascrib 

(I’m sure we missed someone! For bloggers see below)

Kickstarter Campaigns that backed us!: Active Campaigns (go support them): Reclaiming The Blade – Sons of Fire / NanoBot Battle Arena / Daft Dice. Past Campaigns (support their next endeavors): Brian Fargo/InXile/Kicking It Forward / Obsidian Entertainment / Chatty Kidz / Emohteez – Fun Customizable Clothing

Bloggers and journalist who wrote about us:


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