Goal reached! But here’s a better story: Targimals at work

What a crazy, long weekend! As supporters who were closely watching our funding goal — we hit it, then fell back down, and then back up this morning. We have met our $18,000 goal! But we realize that Kickstarter is not a sure thing because people can cancel before our campaign is over next Monday at midnight. Hopefully, we have offered enough incentives and a high-quality toy to persuade current backers to stick with us through the very end.

Thank you everyone!


Kimmy hugs Aventail after a successful stitch removal.

While we anxiously waited around last night, we heard from mom-backer Katrina, one of the 2 random winners of our Targimal giveaway contest earlier this month.

When we let her know she had won a few weeks ago, Katrina said that she and her children were in a car accident and 7-year-old, Kimmy, needed stitches and oral surgery.

“She is getting her stitches out tomorrow and needs to get back in the car, and she is scared to. I think this critter will be just what she needs!” Katrina wrote to us.

We packed everything up and shipped Aventail, adding our prayers and a custom drawing by Dale and his daughter.

Yesterday, as we neared our funding goal, we were overjoyed to get Katrina’s latest report:

“Thanks to Aventail, stitch removal was amazing. And she braved the car ride, not as terrified as she was the last ride.”

Thank you for sharing Katrina and Kimmy!

Targimals at work!

Keep spreading the word: forgeofhonor.com/kick.

Get better Kimmy!


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