How to distract your children until the Targimals arrive

Waiting is hard. We know. We’ve been waiting since June 19 for our project to attract enough pre-orders and fund already! (83% funded as of 5 p.m. today!)

But for children, waiting is for the Targimals to arrive is … an opportunity! To be creative!

We’ve been distracting our own kids and friends with activities to get them excited for the arrival of the Forge of Honor toys. We wanted to share what kids have been doing to pass the time as we await for our Kickstarter campaign to fully fund and we optimistically plan for the arrival of  the Targimals, Bordor Blades & Shields. And we know we’re not the only ones out there waiting. Please share your own distractions below.

1. Have a face-painting party


The Aventail smirk



Not a Targimal, but what's ya going to do when the face paints come out?

Not a Targimal, but maybe one in the making?

[one_third last=last]

Daddy’s turn!


2. Sculpt mini-replicas out of clay of the Targimals



Sculpting Tang and Sugarloaf




A kid’s rendition of Quillon


[one_third last=last]

Quillon and Sugarloaf joined by 2 mysterious Targimals.


3. Draw the Targimals and submit them to our Art Gallery.



Daddy-daughter sketching practice




Sketching makes perfect.


[one_third last=last]


Not bad!


4. Prepare a place in your house for the Targimals

Courtesy of backer Analisa, her daughter Mia created two beds for her and younger brother’s future Targies, Ricasso and Tang. In addition to spurring kids to creative decor, waiting for the Targimals is also a lesson in patience.

Beds for the Targimals, created by Mia

Cut out your own Forge of Honor Bordor Blades & Bordor Shields to make your own egg battle.

5. Have an egg battle (and snack!)

Download and print out the mini Bordor Blades and Shields we made as part of a gamer-inspired reward. Spend hours, or at least several minutes, coloring all the pieces and cutting them out. Have a parent hard-boil some eggs, or make your own paper-cut out players. You can even use popsicle sticks! Don’t forget to clean up (and, if cleanish, eat the eggs!) when done. View the behind-the-scenes blog post from earlier in the campaign HERE.

If you’ve got an idea of your own — crazy, funny, silly or even practical — let us know below!

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