Extra goodies for all who pre-order Forge of Honor toys

The promise of the Targimals

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Now that we are 83 percent funded with 2 weeks to go, we feel we can be optimistic that YES, the Targimals, Bordor Blades & Shields are going to be made! (Of course, if you haven’t pre-ordered yours, CLICK HERE to do it now before the Kickstarter ship sails!)

We are grateful for the media coverage the project has received. The latest write-up came this morning, over at the Baby Bear Hugs blog. Mom blogger Brooke has a daughter who also is afraid of bedtime monsters. She writes: “I have never given money to any Kickstarter project before (I also have no gain for this project succeeding). I just think it is a really great idea and would love to get one for Baby Bear!” Read her post HERE.

Without further ado, a few goodies we’re planning because said Targimals, Bordor Blades & Shields are still scheduled for a January 2014 delivery. We want to keep the kids happy and occupied.

Our promise to parents and other gift-givers who are making pre-orders:

1. We will provide a custom photo of the Targimals photobombing your family. You provide a digital family photo and we will add images of your favorite Targimals to the photo and send it back to you.

2. We will send all Targimal backers a “Certificate of Approval” to show the kids that their home has been approved for Targimals and they will arrive once Targimal training sessions end. We can also customize these with the gift-giver’s name on request.

3. We will keep adding new coloring and activity pages that can be printed out on demand to keep the kids busy. And we would LOVE to also add any original pictures to our online gallery, which right now is populated with mostly Dale’s daughter’s drawings. Please check out the Activity Center here: www.forgeofhonor.com/art

We value each and every backer we have. Thank you so much for your early support!

Coming soon: How to distract your children until the Targimals arrive


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