Sneak peek at The Book: How Targimals find their human

As some of our friends and fans know, the genesis of Forge of Honor was bedtime stories creator Dale Taylor told to his daughter. Those remain mostly unwritten but contained inside Dale’s head. Yes, there are books in Forge of Honor’s future and hopefully, a successful Kickstarter campaign means we can proceed.

Dale and his daughter have worked for months (not full-time, of course) on the story and rhyme of a children’s picture book. He’s also toying with a graphic novel (but would probably need to raise funds for this as well). And he’d love to write a tween or young-adult chapter book delving into the stories of individuals and their Targimals.

Today, he finally spills some of the secrets of how the Targimals came to be.

These pint-sized warriors may be a little cheeky but they have pledged to protect children from monsters. But how, exactly, does a child and Targimal find one another? Dale sketched it out to show everybody what he’s been thinking about:



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