Scenes from behind the scenes of the Egg Battle

Peek a boo! I see eggs!Okay, the Forge of Honor Dating Game was a joke. Hopefully you laughed a little. And no, no one bit. Then again, this special, limited-edition, Kickstarter-exclusive dating-game reward is a $500 pledge level, which we are leaving on our Kickstarter page. Just. In. Case.

Creator Dale Taylor wanted to do something special for all the gamers who took time to check out our toys, support us and Tweet about it.

Some seriously did mention that they’re buying it for their office — and not for the kids. Others supported us by sharing the project while commenting, “Where were these when I was a kid?”

Thank you gamers, board gamers, tabletop gamers and everyone out there who has supported Forge of Honor thus far. Just 3 WEEKS left! And $6,713 in pre-orders to go! (We’d love it if you pre-order today:

Way back when, Dale actually had considered a way the toys could be used in game mode. But because his target audience is children, ages 3 and up, he focused on the monster scaring aspect. That, after all, was the genesis of the Targimals.

But behind the silliness of the Egg Battle and Dating Service reward, we did a fun kid’s activity involving markers, paper cut-outs and a drill (leave that to the adults, kids).

Dale’s daughter and her best neighbor buddy drew faces on 10 eggs. All sorts. Happy, angry, silly, pirate-y… And then cut out special Bordor Blades and Shields and taped them to the eggs. Dale drilled the swords (attached to toothpicks) into the egg bodies. Amazingly, there were only two egg casualties. And then we figured, the cracks suited the warriors anyway.


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Want to have your own egg battle? Here’s the PDF cut out page.

Hey kids: Get your free Targimals coloring pages! Click "Freebies" at the top.Hey kids, don’t forget to check out our FREE Targimals coloring pages, including the super cool Bordor Blade & Bordor Shield cut-out page. Just click the “Freebies” link on the green bar above! (Or click HERE)

And parents, if you like our toys and want to support a start-up toymaker, there are only a few weeks left to pre-order on crowdfunding site Kickstarter. If we don’t hit our goal, we don’t get a penny and can not afford to make the toys on our own. Please pre-order today:


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