My first Show and Tell in decades

My first Show and Tell in decades


I just attended Show and Tell at my daughter’s school. Her teacher was delighted we would both be talking about designing the Forge of Honor toy line together.

However, she said we should only bring in the Targimals and the Bordor Shield. You see, the school has a no toy weapons policy and no play fighting rule. It wasn’t so much the toy weapons policy that concerned her, but she feared we’d arouse a desire in the boys to play fight at recess. Seriously! Poor boys (and girls), no way to play out your frustrations on the playground.

Nevertheless, we do love our daughter’s school and her teachers. She has learned so much and made many good friends. I was actually quite happy to only bring the Targimals and Bordor Shields — this is, after all, the most unique part of the set, and the part that most kids go ga-ga over. And truthfully, this visit was really about my daughter and her involvement in the design process, not me or our company.

daddaugherpillowWe had a lot of fun in “circle time” sharing and discussing making toys. Who would guess kids love to talk about making toys!? Take that Banking Mom and your fake check books for learning about money! I win.

Nothing illustrates the design process to kids better than to physically show all stages of the process. We laid out the drawings, the paper prototype, and the sewn sword holder. We discussed how a new idea was born. I told the teacher I had brought a sword in the bottom of the box and I could show the class how the 2-in-1 design worked. She got up and looked in the box.

Then she said, “It’s just a pillow.”

“Yes, it is just a pillow shaped like a sword,” I said.

“Well, they can see that! That’s not going to be a problem. Take it out and show them.”

And so the entire line-up of Forge of Honor toys was shown to the class: Targimals, Bordor Blades and Shields.

Now, if those kids could write checks, our Kickstarter project would be funded!



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