Do kids make a better pitchman? Watch, vote and win a Targimal!

Win a Targimal!

Share our project on Facebook or Twitter and you could win one of the very first Targimals! Details below.

UPDATE, July 8: We have our winners! The very first humans to own a TARGIMAL are Brian Blair and Katrina Lynn Ellis! This was done randomly from the contest entries by using Random Result. Congrats Brian and Katrina. And thanks everyone for playing! Please continue to share our Kickstarter project:

Launching a new toy on Kickstarter has been crazy stressful but an amazing learning experience. Take our video, for example. The first attempt ran 6 minutes. “Keep it to 2 minutes,” was everyone’s advice.

But, but, but … some of the funniest and most entertaining videos on Kickstarter are loooong, like InXile Entertainment’s (5:34 minutes), Double Fine Adventure (4:03 minutes) and even filmmaker Jocelyn Towne’s I Am I (4:21 minutes) and actor Zach Braf’s Wish I Was Here (4:15 minutes).

We cut ours down to 4:26 minutes.

Still, according to our stats, not everyone is watching our brilliant video in its entirety (boo)! However, people have responded to the children in the video. Especially, to creator Dale Taylor’s daughter. So, we posted extra footage shot for the original “fireplace scene.” All 3 kids (including Targimal helpers Blake and Luke) got a chance to be Dale just for fun — and at the kids’ request. We love them, but of course we’re biased.

Let’s take a vote, shall we?

[socialpoll id=”9672″]

If you prefer to watch on a larger screen, click HERE to watch all the videos on Youtube.

And to make this more interesting, you can win one of the very first Targimals if you share your vote. If you like/favorite this on Facebook or Twitter, you will be entered into a random drawing for one Targimal (winner’s choice). And if you like/favorite AND share/retweet this on Facebook or Twitter, you will get another  chances to win a Targimal.  In total, we will give away 2 Targimals.

So go ahead:

  1. Watch the videos.
  2. Vote and share on Facebook or Tweet them on Twitter (you’ll need to log in to your social network to vote — that will help us keep track).
  3. Share them or Retweet! Don’t forget to add @forgeofhonor (on Twitter) or link to ForgeOfHonor on Facebook (you’ll have to like our Facebook page for this to show up).

If you share on Twitter AND Facebook, you get two entries! The contest ends Sunday night, July 7,  at midnight MST (since that’s where we live). We will announce the winners the next day.

Watch, vote and share often! And if you haven’t yet pre-ordered the toys, please do because if we don’t reach our Kickstarter goal, we can’t afford to make the toys. Thanks and Good luck!

Bonus: The Kids compilation video!

[thvideo w=”100%” h=”360px”][/thvideo]

Pre-order the toys here:


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