Forge of Honor’s cool, crowdfunding campaign posters post

When an artist puts his stuff out there and especially on a crowdfunding site, he gets anxious. Doesn’t sleep much. Can’t stop refreshing the page to see if there are more supporters (no, no, no, no, no, yes!).

This is how Forge of Honor’s creator Dale Taylor deals with this stress: Tweaks photos with funny text to encourage strangers to like his Facebook page, retweet his tweets and, most importantly, place a pre-order (because you know we can’t make the toys unless we sell $18,000 in pre orders, right?)

So, here’s a collection of his campaign posters. We will continue to update as new posters are created. And please don’t forget to pre-order at ForgeOfHonor/kick

Do or Die!


No honor spying on friends


Monster hunting


How Kickstarter works...


We choose Daring!


Heroes get back up!


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