Thanks for your support! We still need your help!

We hit $5,000. Only $13,000 more to go!We just hit $5,000 in pre-orders for Forge of Honor’s unique plush toys. BUT we need $18,000 just to place our first order with the manufacturer. So keep spreading the word to friends, family and strangers.  Only 36 days left to pre-order and ensure Forge of Honor’s survival. You can do it!

In the meantime, we want to give a BIG THANKS to everyone who helped put this project, video and publicity together: Luke, Blake, Chris, Greg, Alix, Evie, Rob, Greg, Curtis, Shim, Brian, Melissa, Claire, Ken, Mia, Nico, Preston and, well, I’m sure I inadvertently left someone out. So, yeah, you too!

And, of course, our great fan base of friends who lifted a finger and retweeted, shared our project and have really shown us what our friendship means to them — that includes you Elsa, Analisa, Rani, Rosemary, Milton, Natalie, Greg, Jon, KiKi, Gary T., Crystal, Alicia, Diana, Gary R., Roxanne, Jill, Kevin, Samantha, Diane, Casey, Wai Zheng, Wai Mun, Danielle, Jeannie, Dick, Constance, Katie, Jackson… The list continues to grow. Thank you everyone. Keep sharing and get the word out.

We also want to share some of the comments and praise Forge of Honor received from editors, writers, retailers and just plain cool people:





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