How to buy Forge of Honor toys

UPDATE: So … we hear that several friends and new friends are confused about how to Kickstarter, the site we chose to launch our toys. Some of you even overlooked the rewards and just gave us money (we already notified those folks). So, we’ve added a new graphic below and a few more tips below. Click the image to enlarge and hopefully learn more about Kickstarter and enjoy what we put together. Please, send questions/confusion to us at And don’t forget to visit our page at  Thanks!!

How Kickstarter works

We’ve launched!!

Love the toys? So do we. But starting a toy company of this caliber cost more money then we have. So, instead of finding outside investors, we wanted to offer the product directly to you, the public. We need your help to raise enough money for the minimum order to make the toys.  In exchange for your financial support, you get the product FIRST (our promise to you), plus some early-backer only rewards. offers us this unique way to fund the company.

But a few things you should know about Kickstarter is that:

  1. If we don’t meet our goal of $18,000, we don’t get a penny.
  2. You don’t pay until we meet our goal.
  3. If we do meet our goal by August 5, we will place the order with our manufacturer ASAP.
  4. Making the toys and getting them to your homes will take several months. To be safe, we expect to deliver the goods to buyers by January 2014. However, there’s a chance we can get them to you by Christmas.

In other words…


So, you ask, how can I get me one of those cool Targimals, Bordor Blades or Bordor Shields?

Glad you asked!

How to buy our toys:

1. Visit our page at (Here’s the link:

2. Watch the funny video Dale created it (with lots of help from friends & family).

3. Look at all the cool rewards on the right and choose what you want. Don’t forget to see if any early-bird rewards are left because those offer a complete set for the lowest price you’re ever going to see.

4. Hit the green button that says “Back this project.”

Back this project on Kickstarter

5. Type in your pledge amount.

6. Select your reward. (A few people overlooked this step.)

7. Register at Kickstarter if you haven’t already. It’ll ask for your name and email.

8. Now to pay. Your credit card WILL NOT  be charged until the project is funded and completed on August 5th. For U.S. residents, handles the money so you pay through your Amazon account (you don’t give us or Kickstarter your credit card number).  People outside the U.S. can pay with a major credit card. Watch the official Kickstarter video for tips on how to pledge:

Kickstarter video on how to support a project like Forge of Honor.



That’s it! We’ll update all supporters when there’s a new picture, video or shipping date.

Please remember that by supporting us at this early stage, you are supporting a new toymaker who is full of ideas and the experience to bring something like this to reality. Helping us at this stage means you are part of our launch and you will forever be memorialized on our website.

Now, spread the word to all your friends who want in on our first line of toys or just want to help launch a new toy company. Thanks!

You may find this helpful: How to back a Kickstarter project



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