Forge of Honor Launch Day: June 19th (plus a peek at early-bird rewards!)

Join us Wednesday, June 19th, for the start of a new, creative toy company and product line.It’s official: Forge of Honor will launch in 2 days on June 19th. So mark your digital calendars and support Forge of Honor on the first day we make products available to the public.

We chose, a crowd-funding site that  handles much of the back-end of selling to consumers, allowing us to concentrate on wrapping up the designs, placing orders with our manufacturer and getting them shipped to your house in a timely manner. Kickstarter encourages creators like Dale Taylor to offer rewards to supporters so get in early and you’ll get more than just the toys.

There will be a limited number of early-bird rewards. The main one will offer a complete set — your choice of one Targimal, one Bordor Blade and one Bordor Sheild — for only $58 (retail value $89.97). This is a special, Kickstarter-only deal that Dale wanted to offer everyone who has supported us before the big launch.

On top of the products, Dale plans to draw and screen print a special picture of the Targimals. This too will be a limited-edition, hand-signed piece that will only be offered on Kickstarter. AND at the early-bird reward level, Dale will also include a signed original sketch. You’ll be the only person in the world who owns that!

For everyone who supports our project at the $5 or above level, we also want to send you some goodies. There will be stickers, of course, because who doesn’t love stickers! And an exclusive door hanger that will say, “Monsters Beware: Room guarded by Forge of Honor.”

So, please support us beginning on Day 1 (that’s June 19th). It means a lot to us. Need an email reminder? Sign up HERE.

If we don’t raise enough money to meet our goal of $18,000 we won’t get a penny.

Coming soon: More details on how to use Kickstarter and get a set of your own.


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