Here’s your first look at all 6 swords & shields

Shield prototypes

The first three shields

If you haven’t noticed, each of the six Forge of Honor Bordor Blades and Bordor Shields have a unique shape, color and design. Lots of the wee ones (mostly boys) love the green or red swords. And the lasses, they prefer the pink ones (hmmm….)

Only three colors of Bordor Blades have been made along with three shields (and a few iterations of those same colors — hey, we wanted to make sure we got it right!). So, boys and girls, you just haven’t seen what the sky blue, seafoam green and fiery orange blades look like. You’ll probably love those too!

But here’s the deal: Because little boys are getting upset because they want the red sword with the green shield or other mix, we’ve decided to let you choose which one you want to make a complete set on our upcoming Kickstarter campaign. That’s right — you’ll be able to support us and get a whole set (Targimal + Bordor Blade + Bordor Shield) in any combination you’d like!

Now, you ask, where are those other colors? Glad you asked. We just put this handy chart together to give you a better idea about colors, shapes and styles. Let us know which ones you want!!

Targimal prototypes and renderings of the Bordor Blades & Shields. Final product will vary little from these designs.


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