Meet the Targimals!

Hi, I'm Tang!As you know, the Targimals arrived a few weeks ago and we’ve been getting to know them.

Creator Dale Taylor knows them best, of course. Plus, he can understand their strange high-pitched squeaks. But he’s too busy working on the Forge of Honor launch to properly introduce the crew. So, I, Lady Boudica, the official scribe, have stepped in to offer you a glimpse into what these mysterious creatures are like.

They are cute and pretty cheeky, especially when there are no monsters around. And so entertaining! We’ve already played a few rounds of hide-and-seek, and they are definitely good at hiding (as well as good at hiding all sorts of things, like my keys!). More details of their origin and how they managed to show up in Dale’s head on the way. (And don’t forget to sign up to be reminded when we launch!)

Without further ado, here are the Targimals:

Meet the Targimals: Toys with personality and purpose!


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