Psst… Early supporters will get rewarded BIG

Our new postcards are in. See:

Forge of Honor: Toys and Tales for budding heroes

Front. Or is this the back? Click photo to enlarge.

How to Targimal...

Click photo to enlarge. Thanks!

And we’ve got a lot of them that we’re already using to spread the word. If you want to help us publicize Forge of Honor in your local area, we’d be happy to send you some postcards to spread FoH love to all your friends, family and strangers. Just send an email to with your mailing address and request.

As we begin the final preparation for our product launch, we wanted to reward our early fans with the best we have to offer. When we launch on Kickstarter, we will offer a limited supply of early-bird specials. Those will include a discounted set of a Targimal, Bordor Blade and Shield (your choice!) PLUS a unique, limited-edition print of the Targimals signed by creator Dale Taylor. Early, early supporters will also get an original sketch by Dale. Maybe we’ll toss in a frame, too.

If you want in on the very first day our campaign goes live to get the first chance at this special, please sign up on our email list below to be notified the day we actually launch. Plus, we’ll send lots of love and kind thoughts your way and a big, sloppy, public thank you!!

Sign up to get notified the day we launch to get in on early-bird specials:


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