The Targimals want to celebrate your birthday!

Join Forge of Honor's Birthday Club and get a fun card mailed to you on your birthdayWe’re not quite sure whose idea it was, but Tang claims he thought about it first. So, with support from the whole gang, we are launching the Forge of Honor Birthday Club.

If you love opening up real mail (who doesn’t?), sign up to get a very special birthday card delivered via snail-mail from the Targimals.

The Birthday Club is taking sign ups now, but mailing won’t start until September 2014. If you have a birthday in August and don’t mind belated greetings, sign up anyway and let us know you still want a card.

Getting on our list is easy. Just sign up for our Fan Club!

Sign up =>

If you’re already a member of our Fan Club, you can update your subscription to include family birthdays. You need to do two things: Find the last email newsletter and scroll all the way down until you see “Update subscription preferences.” Click that and you’ll be whisked to your custom portal in our Fan Club where you can update your information.

Looking forward to wishing you a happy birthday!

A young hero and his fight against Leukemia


Graydon and Tang = Friends Forever!

We love hearing stories from our fans about the first time they get to see, touch and play with the Targimals. We’ve got a whole gallery of photos and comments over on our Targimal Spottings page. But we couldn’t help but share this touching story of young Graydon, who is fighting Leukemia in New Zealand.

We found out about Graydon while we were shipping out Kickstarter orders this spring. We spotted a gift message from a father to his son: “A little warrior to help in the fight against leukemia.”

Tang and his Bordor Blade and Bordor Shield (the human tools to fight the bad stuff) finally arrived at young Graydon’s home last week. Tang is our little dragon who is part Gila Monster and part Guinea Pig. He’s friendly, but fierce when fighting monsters because he’s very protective of his friends. (Read more about Tang HERE) And Tang was ready to count Graydon as his friend. As you can see, the two have become very close.

Tang’s arrival couldn’t have been at a better time. His father John Barstow wrote to us and shared pictures. John writes:

Our kickstarter package arrived just before our latest trip to the cancer ward (Graydon has leukemia). I was able to get a few pictures during the trip. As you can see it made his day.”

Thank you John for sharing Graydon’s story.

The family is raising funds for Graydon’s medical expenses over on and the Child Cancer Foundation. If you feel moved to help this courageous young kid, visit his fundraising page at

givealittleGraydon, 2, has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, and his family are raising funds to support the family and, when treatment is over, a visit to America to visit family that his parents have not seen in over 13 years and have never met their grandchildren in person.

Money is tight at the best of times, but when a family is battling cancer, funds can disappear so quickly! Daily life becomes a struggle, and forget saving up the 10+k for a flight to see family in America. Graydon’s parents don’t regret becoming Kiwi’s, but they dearly miss their families, who cannot fly to us due to health issues.

We are wishing this little warrior a swift victory, please support him if you can.

Anime Expo and Forge of Honor Toys! Booth #1613 (New pics added!)

See photos from Day One HERE

See photos from Day Two HERE

See photos from Day Three HERE

See photos from Day Four HERE


Our founding father, Dale Taylor at Forge of Honor’s first Anime Expo booth, #1613.

Busy week for us. We spent Wednesday at the Los Angeles Convention Center organizing our very FIRST booth! You need to check it out.


Go to Anime Expo, the fantastically colorful conference dedicated to Japanese art that starts today in Los Angeles.

Yesterday was crazy! People were in lines all around the building waiting to register and pick up their tags. And many came dressed — for the Cos. That’s cosplay, or costume play. Hmmm… maybe someday, we’ll design Targimal costumes!

Come join the fun! We’ll be there starting today through Sunday. And yes, it’s open on July 4th! Bring the kids.

We’re at booth #1613, near Hulu and Bait.

Free stickers, coloring pages, and other fun stuff if you stop by! We’ll be posting pictures of the show on Facebook and in another blog post. Share your own Forge of Honor/Anime Expo photos on Twitter or Facebook with #forgeofhonor.

More information:

Anime Expo
Location: Los Angeles Convention Center
1201 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90015 (map)

Day 1 Thursday, July 3rd 12:00 am – 6:00 pm
Day 2 Friday, July 4th 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Day 3 Saturday, July 5th 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Day 4 Sunday, July 6th 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

If you’re working during the day, stop by afterward. The exhibit hall is FREE after 4 p.m.

Scenes from Anime Expo 2014 (and, of course, near our booth!):

Day Four (Last Day!)


Day Three


Day Two


Day One





Targimals, swords & shields spotted all over the world!

Early Forge of Honor fans are spreading the word about the Targimals and we’re seeing a rise in the number of heroes in training. Reports tell us Targimals are popping up around the world from California to New York and Australia to Germany, from babies to tweens, aunties and grandparents! We are thrilled that children (and their grown-ups and non-parents) are discovering what great fun it is to have a Targimal around the house — and how important it is to play with your kids!

Check out our special “Targimal Spottings” page to see where the next ones are landing and what our fans are saying about Forge of Honor. If you spotted a Targimal, submit your photo on the Targimal Spottings page to get it posted in our gallery (thank you for everyone who already submitted their photos — we love all of them!!). We thank you in advance for helping us keep track of these furry warriors and for spreading the word about their arrival on our planet!


Shipping begins! Celebrate Launch Week with Forge of Honor!


It’s been a big week for us here at Forge of Honor.

The toys have finally arrived at our (temporary) warehouse and shipping has begun! We survived our first trade show (see the photos)! And it’s Memorial Day weekend! (Go Heroes!) We are ready to celebrate!!!! And we’d like you to join us with this kick-off special of 10 percent off your entire purchase*.

Just use this code at checkout: honorforall14  at our toy store:

And Toy News (“Breaking news from the UK and International Toy Industry“) just wrote about us: “Kickstarter Success: Forge of Honor starts shipping

Box of Ricasso's

Box of Ricasso’s? Yes, we’ll sell you an entire box!

Dale is heading out to the warehouse this weekend to help ship the packages first to our Kickstarter supporters, of course. (He returned home from Comic Con for his daughter’s last day in kindergarten).

Meanwhile, our wonderfully-efficient head of operations, Melissa, is packing up the first orders all by herself. See Ricasso all snuggled in his poly-vinyl envelope? Goodie bags too!

We will post more shipping photos over this next week.

Thank you to everyone who got us to this point. Thank you heroes everywhere, past, present and future.

Please share our excitement and this limited-time sale with your friends, acquaintances, strangers…!

Some early pictures of the packing process:


*Discount not available on limited-time Kickstarter prices or gift cards

Honor, courage and the Targimals at Dallas Comic Con!


If you happen to be in the Dallas-Fort Worth universe this weekend, you’ve got to stop by the Dallas Comic Con, a fan-tastic convention geared toward comics, cartoons, toys and, well, stuff we like!

Forge of Honor will be there too! With goodies to giveaway!

We’re in Piranha Toy’s booth #1715.

For photos during the event, head to our Facebook page.

Here’s Piranha’s handy map of its location:



Photos from the show (more on our Facebook Page):


Introducing the 2014 Forge of Honor Toy Catalog

foh-catalogimageNow that the toys are made and we’re arranging to ship our first orders, Forge of Honor creator Dale Taylor is working on this whole sales thing.

And who better to design a sales catalog? None other than the creator himself. Dale, who spent part of his career as a professional designer (for newspapers, websites, advertising and marketing…), enjoyed putting these pages together to showcase the company’s toys. We’ve ordered a bunch and plan to share them with every toy store we AND YOU know.

Below is a flip-page PDF of the new catalog. If you are a retailer interested in finding out more, please fill out your mailing address below and we’ll send you one.

Or, if you’re just an honorable, gracious and terrific person who buys toys for yourself or children you know, then please share the catalog with your favorite toy store. You can also enlarge or download this catalog. If you want a closer look, check it out here:


Please fill out the form below and we’ll snail-mail you a catalog:

[vfb id=’3′]

Forge of Honor’s Toy Store now Open!

MainBanner1Greetings Heroes!

After several months of development and preparation, we are proud to unveil our new toy store where Forge of Honor fans and friends can buy Targimals, Bordor Blades, Bordor Shields and other goodies.

We’ve processed hundreds of pre-orders already (thank you again Kickstarters!) to make sure the shopping experience makes sense and works. We start shipping the toys to customers in May! And we’ve loaded the store with complete sets of Bordor Blades, Bordor Shields and the Targimals. In fact, there may be a new face you don’t recognize.

Can’t wait? Here’s the link:

==> <==

Some of what you’ll see in the store:

Seven Targimals are available! (Pictured from left to right: Sugarloaf, Ricasso, Patterrann, Quillon, Poing, Tang and Aventail.) Read up on these pint-sized warriors: “Meet the Targimals


Each Bordor Blade is unique with its own markings, blade shape and pommel. Read more: “Design Details Make Forge of Honor Toys Unique


Bordor Shields come in six colors to match their Targimals. But you can mix and match and create your own unique, powerful set. Shields have extra padding on the back and turn into pillows, when necessary.

Visit the store and let us know what you think.


Do you have a favorite local toy store?

We would love to get our toys into stores where you love to shop. Help us spread the word to your neighborhood toy store. Tell them about us or send us their snail-mail address and we’ll send them a special Forge of Honor introductory kit.

Or are you an independent retailer? We’ve got a wholesale site too! We want to work with independent toy stores, hobby shops and gift retailers who want something unique for their stores. Register online at our wholesale store to get access to wholesale prices:

Or send us your mailing address via  an email and we’ll ship you a special introductory kit.

Thanks for supporting a family-owned, completely independent, totally innovative and heroic toymaker!


Making product tags as fun as our toys — plus a special twist!

door-hanger-tagThe idea for our unique product tags for the toys sprung from a promise to our Kickstarter supporters. At the lowest pledge level, supporters would receive a public thank you on our site  and a door hanger that says “Monsters Beware: Room guarded by Forge of Honor.” Apropo, oui?

In the process of developing the product tags, someone had the bright idea to make these door-hanger tags. Two in One! There are separate door-hanger tags for Targimals, Bordor Blades and Bordor Shields. That means if you buy a set, you’ll get three different ones!

We’ve added punch-out perforations around the “handle” so the hole can easily be punched out and hung on a door knob. (Kids: Don’t get over-excited when the toys finally arrive and rip the tag unnecessarily.”)

And, of course, with any project that creator Dale Taylor works on, quality and details are important. (If you know Dale, you’ll understand how important honor and integrity are in every aspect of his life — but especially when it comes to products others will enjoy too.) The thick cardstock is stronger than your average toy tag. Nevertheless, you can still rip it. It’s essentially very-strong paper.

Humor is also important to Dale. Once you get your hands on the tags, you’ll read why. Some snippets of his amusing prose (this is all Dale, by the way):

tags_sugar [/one_half] [one_half last=last]

Recommended for fun-loving children and adults, scared of monsters or not.

Care: Gently brush away any dead monster bits.

Product may not protect against some antibiotic-resistant zombie subpopulations.


To honor our supporters, we also added a note of appreciation at the bottom:

We are honored by your patronage, sense of humor, and belief in the value of play. The world needs more people like you.


So true!

Now here’s something Super Cool

We added triple protection for your bedroom if you happen to get a complete set. Can you figure it out from this photo (pictured are the different tags for the Bordor Shield, Bordor Blade and Targimal):



How about now?

Continue reading

Check out design details that make Forge of Honor toys unique

The Targimals began appearing in Colorado when a little girl had trouble going to sleep at night. She cried for help and they heard her call. And those of other children.

Details are important to Forge of Honor creator Dale Taylor.

Details are important to Forge of Honor creator Dale Taylor — even creating brochures to sell the toys!

Today, these fully trained, pint-sized warriors are back! Targimals have pledged to help our children grow in courage, honor and adventure. Their story (once creator Dale Taylor has time to write it all down) is fantastically detailed! Likewise, so are the plush tools the Targimals are bringing to the world as they make their way into the joyful hands of children whose parents also believed in imagination.

Check out the details in the Bordor Blade — from embroidery and fonts to the shape of the pommel.

Each Blade is unique to represent the Targimal and their elements. Water creatures (Sugarloaf and Aventail) have wavy blades. Poing, an Earth creature, has a sword that looks like it’s been carved from very hard rocks. Tang’s blade looks like a red flame. The Blades are also stitched quilted — for extra strength against scary — and packed with plush for a stiff though bendable blade.


Fonts, shapes & embroidery are unique

The “Forge of Honor” lettering is even unique to each creature. Notice the “F” for the water creatures looks like a happy dolphin. The handle tip, or pommel, also mimics the symbol bestowed on each Targimal to fully represent each natural element:

Design with purpose — details are important to us

The Bordor Shields continue to offer the details from the unique embroidery and fonts to the quilted fronts and backs. On the back of the shield, the “pillow” is in the same color as the main color in the front. And it’s got quite a bit of stuffing inside too to make sure it’s soft enough to sleep on because even heroes need rest.


Each Bordor Shield carries the Targimal’s key element into the patterns and embroidery. Even so, creatures of the same element still have a unique look when it comes to the extra design underneath the Forge of Honor logo. Take a closer look:

We can’t wait until families get their hands on these training toys. Oh wait, did I just give something away?